Transportation logistics

The measures being implemented to expand the cargo base and boost revenue resulted in a 1.6% increase in loaded freight turnover to 2,342.6 bln tkm in 2016.

Key achievements of 2016
  • Loaded freight turnover grew by 1.6% to 2,342.6 bln tkm thanks to measures to increase the freight base and income.
  • The proportion of shipments delivered by the required (contractual) date increased 3.2 p.p. to 96.1%.
  • More than 22,863 trains were dispatched as part of the fixed schedule freight transportation service and revenue totalled RUB 1,627.9 mln.
  • A total of 237,000 t of freight valued at RUB 1,031.9 mln was transported as part of the RZD Express service.