Highlights of investment programme in 2016

The actual execution of the investment programme totalled RUB 376.4 billion, including:

  • using the Company’s own funds – RUB 273.3 bln;
  • using state support funds – RUB 103.1 bln.

A priority objective for 2016 as part of the Russian Railways investment budget was the implementation of projects of national importance involving the fulfilment of the instructions of the President and Government of the Russian Federation and attracting government support funds:

  • development of the infrastructure of the Eastern operating domain;
  • development of the Moscow transport hub;
  • Reconstruction of the Mezhdurechensk – Tayshet section;
  • development and renovation of railway infrastructure at approaches to ports in the Azov and Black Seas;
  • construction of the Zhuravka – Millerovo railway line as well as secondary tracks on the Vyborg – Primorsk – Yermilovo section and the Moscow – Kazan High-Speed Railway.

The implementation of projects to develop capacity also continued in 2016, including for:

  • reconstruction of the Mga – Gatchina – Veymarn – Ivangorod section;
  • development of the Tobolsk – Surgut – Korotchayevo section;
  • reconstruction and construction of engineering structures, the construction of secondary tracks and the development of marshalling yards.

The main construction and installation work was completed on the project ‘Reconstruction and Development of the Moscow Little Ring Railway’ and passenger transportation commenced during the reporting year.

Fixed assets valued at RUB 281.5 bln were put into operation in 2016:

  • 110.0 km of secondary railway tracks;
  • 172.4 km of stationary tracks;
  • 88 km of electrification;
  • Reconstruction of 2,200.2 km of railway tracks.

and 493 locomotives and 232 multiple units were also acquired.