Traffic safety results of 2016

The target traffic safety indicator for the Russian Railways Group had a value of 1.3 events (including maintenance organisations) per 1 mln train km in 2016 versus the planned level of 1.42 events (a decrease of 6.7%). The number of traffic safety violations committed on Russian Railways infrastructure decreased by 41% (from 5,047 to 8,521), including a 38% decrease of events through the fault of Russian Railways (1,767 versus 2,857).

Meanwhile, the number of violations increased by 25% at central multiple unit rolling stock directorates, by 2% in traffic management and by 5% on infrastructure due to their increase in track and facility offices by 38%, automation and telemechanic offices by 33%% and mechanisation offices by 30% as well as by 20% at Transenergo.

The number of violations under the responsibility of the track repair directorates decreased by 26%, the traction rolling stock repair directorate - by 77% and the traction directorate - by 34%.

The railcar repair companies RRC-1, RRC-2 and RRC-3 committed 1,214 traffic safety violations in 2016, a 45% decrease (from 2,215 in 2015).

Third party organisations operating on Russian Railways infrastructure were responsible for most of the violations (65%), including Russian railcar repair and construction enterprises (1,715 violations); CIS and Baltic nation enterprises (609); railway equipment and system maintenance enterprises (346) and vehicle drivers (252).

Spending on the Russian Railways Group’s Traffic Safety Programme totalled RUB 2.8 bln in 2016.

The internal efficiency of traffic safety investments was improved as part of the programme through the priority implementation of measures having the most significant key indicators.

An action programme to bring Russian Railways infrastructure into compliance with technical operating rules (TOR) was fulfilled at a rate of 108% in 2016: despite the plan to eliminate discrepancies with TOR requirements at 41,482 facilities, work was actually performed at 44,819 facilities. Total spending on these measures amounted to RUB 167.365 bln.