Customer-focused freight transportation

A flexible tariff policy as part of the Tariff Corridor served to attract 5.7 mln tonnes of different freight to railways in 2016.

96.1 % share of shipments delivered on time in 2016, an increase of 3.2 p.p.
899 km/day container train route speed in 2016, an increase of 3 km/day (+0,3%) vs. 2015
1,145 km/day container train route speed as part of the ‘Trans-Siberian Railway in 7 Days’, an increase of 13 km/day (+1.1%) vs. 2015
Organisation of scheduled freight train traffic
22,863 trains dispatched in 2016
Freight express
425 trains dispatched in 2016 512,000 t of freight shipped in 2016
Rzd express
237,000 t of freight shipped in 2016

Initiatives to improve customer service quality:

  • Unified Contact Centre launched in trial mode
  • FFC-Tariff effective automated tariff setting system introduced
  • New opportunities to order railcars:
    • via the ETRAN
    • electronic waybill system
    • using the electronic exchange
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Initiatives to improve customer service quality:

  • Simplified document flow, including the cancellation of application form GU-12 for direct domestic shipments
  • Continued development of the e-sales system: the share of orders made via e-commerce channels increased from 25% to almost 70% in 2016

A project was launched using the rolling stock of TransContainer in 2016 to transport non-containerised freight – large-diameter pipes for the construction of the Nord Stream-2 international gas pipeline.

1,543,000 TEU railway containerised shipments using well cars and/or containers of TransContainer in 2016, a 8.9% increase vs. 2015

The Company's management made focused efforts to work with customers and partners in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region and Europe, the China-Russia transport service was developed successfully and operations using sea line containers were expanded.

242,000 TEU import shipments by TransContainer in 2016, a 8.3% increase vs. 2015

The Company developed new integrated multimodal services that are attractive to exporters and offered a flexible price policy and highly reliable services to provide containers for transportation.

13.4 % growth in export shipments by TransContainer in 2016
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