Terminal, warehouse and forwarding

One of the most important tasks in transport and logistics is to provide customers with an integrated transport and forwarding service that includes loading and unloading, storage and warehousing of cargo, the preparation of railcars for transportation, the formation and disbanding of containerised cargo as well as their delivery to the end user.

102.3 mln t freight processed by the terminal and warehouse complex in 2016

In an effort to develop and improve the quality of the integrated service, Russian Railways is developing the following new projects and services, which started being implemented in 2016, and plans to continue developing them in the future:

  • ‘SMART Logistics’ – the terminal processing of large-tonnage containers with consumer goods, food products and building materials with subsequent shipment via small-tonnage transport to end consumers;
  • 'Remote Warehouse' – ensuring the acceptance and warehouse processing of freight based on remote requests;
  • ‘Prefabricated Warehouses’ – the rapid construction of new infrastructure that meets market needs.

In 2016, Russian Railways was actively involved in implementing national and regional infrastructure projects: processing of construction freight arriving for the construction of the Kerch Bridge and the M-11 Moscow – St. Petersburg federal highway, the construction of the Moscow Central Ring Road, the Rostov-on-Don airport, an airport and bypass in Nizhny Novgorod, football stadiums for the 2018 World Cup in Kaliningrad and Volgograd.

As part of projects to promote the stable operation and development of the national gas transportation and oil pipeline system, the Company processed cargo in 2016 for the construction of the Yug-2 oil pipeline, the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean (a branch to the Komsomolsk oil refinery) and the Power of Siberia gas pipeline as well as the repair of the Ukhta – Torzhok main gas pipelines in the Samara and Orenburg Regions.

Freight processing by the Central Directorate for Terminal and Warehouse Complex Management totalled 102.3 mln tonnes in 2016, a 2.5% increase from 2015.

In other areas of operations, the Central Directorate for Terminal and Warehouse Complex Management earned income of RUB 6.0 bln, or 10.3% more than in 2015. Profit in other areas of operations totalled RUB 1.94 bln, an 11.9% increase from 2015.