Strategy for the Guaranteed Safety

The main principle serving as the basis of the strategy for the guaranteed safety and reliability of the transportation process at the Russian Railways Group is to ensure the sustainable operation of the transportation process with the specified safety and reliability indicators aimed at achieving the target state.

RUB 2.8 bln spending on the Traffic Safety Programme in 2016

The strategy identifies the objectives facing the Russian Railways Holding taking into account the goals for the guaranteed safety and reliability of the transportation process, specifically:

  • improving the reliability and functional safety of the hardware that comprises infrastructure facilities and rolling stock;
  • reducing the probability of traffic accidents;
  • preventing injuries; reducing damage to the property of process owners in railway transportation and other losses;
  • preventing adverse environmental effects.

The Company is implementing a set of measures to achieve the following goals:

  • to maintain leading positions around the globe in terms of the safety of infrastructure services and the safety and reliability of all processes;
  • to ensure a traffic safety level that is consistent with international and national requirements.