2016 – Year of the Passenger

The main focus of the Company’s work in 2016 aimed to meet the public’s demand for high-quality and affordable railway transportation, offer new products, expand the range of passenger services and develop rapid-transit transportation.
2016 – Year of the Passenger
Lowering tariffs

The Company utilised a number of marketing tools in 2016 to make passenger transportation more affordable such as a flexible tariff policy, dynamic pricing system, various promotions and a loyalty programme, among other things.

2.15 ml people number of members of the RZD Bonus loyalty programme.

The RZD Bonus loyalty programme won the contest of best projects in customer experience and service management in the category ‘Best Customer Experience in the Transportation Sector'.

Expanding daily express domain

Russian Railways works constantly to expand its line of products and passenger services. An example of this is an increase in speed traffic volume as well as the expanded geography of routes as part of the Daily Express programme.

45 train pairs travel on 25 routes of the railway network as part of the Daily Express programme per the current schedule. 10.2 mln passengers carried in 2016, a 22% increase from 2015.
Double-decker railcars – combining comfort and savings

Double-decker railcars were in high demand among passengers in 2016.

Double-decker trains run via the routes: Moscow – St. Petersburg, Moscow – Kazan, Moscow – Voronezh, Moscow – Adler and St. Petersburg – Adler.

2.8 mln people total transportation volume in 2016.
Increasing speed

Given the ever-growing demand for rapid-transit transportation and focusing on passengers’ request, Russian Railways continued to optimise its train schedule in 2016 and also increase the affordability of rapid-transit transportation

9.2 mln passengers the number of passengers travelling on rapid-transit trains increased by 19.1%.

Unified tariffs were introduced for poorly protected segments of the population – Senior for pensioners and Junior for young people.

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Developing services

The Company continued work to develop additional services for passengers in 2016.

Starting in December 2016, tickets for all long-haul trains can be purchased 60 days prior to their departure.

The service of access to the Internet and the portal with multimedia content was introduced in 33 versions of 14 deluxe trains of Federal Passenger Company.

>75% of passengers can access wireless Internet services at 107 railway stations.
Taking care of the most vulnerable passengers

One of the priority development areas for the passenger sector remains improving the level of service for people with limited mobility

The Russian Railways Mobility Assistance Information Service Centre is open 24 hours a day.

400 stations offer services to accompany and assist passengers with impaired locomotor functions, hearing and vision.
Commuter towns under special control

The main activities of 2016 aims to improve the quality and ensure the affordability of transportation and develop e-services.

The 'Urban Commuter Train' project encompassed 8 metropolitan areas: Krasnoyarsk, Ufa, Tambov, Rostov-on-Don, Kaliningrad, Volgograd, Kazan and Voronezh.

Suburban train ticket sales were organised using mobile apps.

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